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Automation & Autonomy


Autonomy is self-sufficient and requires no human intervention; it can learn and adjust to dynamic environments and evolve as the environment around it changes. Automation, on the other hand, is narrowly focused on a specific task based on well-defined criteria and restricted to certain tasks it can perform.
Businesses need to shift to

Automation & Autonomy to..

  • Accelerate productivity
  • Avoid Human Errors
  • Reduce operation costs
  • Fine-tune business process workflow efficiency
  • Make precisive decisions
  • Maintain consistency across systems

Our Automation &Autonomy Solutions

Bithrive helps many of our customers automate their business process
workflows to accelerate productivity, improve efficiency, and cut down on
operation costs. We have leveraged the right processes, tools, and thriving
customized solutions to automate our customers needs in Healthcare, Social
recruiting, and Financial sectors.

Automations Infused

Bithrive infuses automation into our customized solutions wherever possible. The seeded automation makes our customers' lives easy and enjoyable in the form of ..
Automated business workflows
Event-driven Programming
Publisher/Subscriber models
Integrated and Interoperable systems

Autonomy Delivered

Bithrive believes customers should be empowered with the necessary .. tools and processes to be autonomous as soon as the IT solution is implemented. Bithrive builds these tools, documents the process, and delivers them as part of our service.

Our optimized solutions have built-in intelligence to go into standby mode when the dependencies are unavailable and resume working as soon as the dependencies are available.

Bithrive implemented automation and autonomy in its thriving solutions using

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Bithrive helps government agencies and commercial businesses solve their business problems with our thriving IT solutions. Our solutions are customer-centric and cost-effective, with efficient workflows, automations, and integrations. On average, we were able to increase customers productivity by 30% and cut costs by 25% on IT solutions.
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